Boards & Commissions

Apply for a Board or Commission

Joining a board or commission is a great way to become involved and help shape the decisions made in your community. To apply for an Advisory Board or Commission position, please complete the online Application. Your application will be sent to the mayor, who will follow up with you directly.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Open Seats

updated 8/5/2019
Audit Committee - 0 vacancy
Board of Adjustments - 2 vacancies
Ecology Advisory Board - 1 vacancy
Economic Vitality Commission - 1 vacancy
Historic Preservation Commission - 2 vacancies
Housing & Human Services - 1 vacancy
Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission - 0 vacancy
Parks and Recreation Commission - 0 vacancy
Planning & Community Development Commission - 0 vacancy
Student Advisory Commission - 0 vacancy
Sustainable Futures Commission - 0 vacancy
Utilities & Engineering Board - 0 vacancy

Message for Member

To leave a message for a member of a Board or Commission, email Mayor Sullivan.