Sustainability Resources: Waste

Lyons’ intimate relationship with natural beauty is in direct opposition to sending residential and commercial waste to a landfill. The Town of Lyons has committed to aggressively reduce the amount of waste produced (see accomplishments to the right) and as part of that effort has compiled a list of resources to help you reduce waste in your home or business.

Lyons Resources

Recycling Center: The Town of Lyons and Boulder County have partnered to provide Lyon’s residents with a free single-stream Recycling Center (single-stream recycling means all recyclable containers and recyclable paper materials are combined in one bin) to encourage all residents to recycle. The center is open between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. It is located at 198 2nd Avenue.


Spring Clean-Up Day:
Every spring the Town provides residents the opportunity to dispose of items that otherwise aren’t collected by haulers, including: old equipment, electronics, metals, yard waste, etc. This event is subsidized by the Town and Boulder County, and Eco-Cycle all support this event. Volunteers and staff will be on hand to help residents. The exact date of the Spring Clean Up will be announced through the Towns listserve and on this site.

Curbside Compost:  Western Disposal now offers curbside compost for Lyons residents. To sign up for service, contact Western Disposal directly. 
View this great video on what is compostable!

Backyard Composting: Composting is a process that allows naturally occurring microbes to convert yard waste, such as leaves and grass clippings, to a useful organic soil amendment or mulch. Gardeners have used compost for centuries to improve the physical condition of soil and to add some of the nutrients needed for plant growth. For comprehensive information on composting visit Eco-Cycle's composting webpage

Boulder County Resources

A-Z Guide: Eco-Cycle's A-Z Recycling Guide is designed as a quick and easy resource for you to find out how to recycle, compost or reuse just about anything. If it's recyclable in Boulder County, it's in our A-Z Recycling Guide!

Art Parts Creative Reuse Center: Exists to inspire and promote creativity, resource conservation and community engagement through reuse. The Art Parts Creative Reuse Center accept and sell donated industry surplus and other art, craft, school and office material.

Boulder County Recycling Center: Boulder County Recycling Center accepts and processes single-stream recyclable materials. The facility processes over 45,000 tons a year and has the capacity to process 75,000 tons a year. Visitors have the opportunity to take guided and self-guided to learn about all aspects of the recycling process.

CHaRM: EcoCycle’s Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials opened in 2001 and was the first facility of its kind in the nation. It collects unusual materials like electronics and plastic bags for recycling and reuse.

PACE: Boulder County’s Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) provides free expert advisor services, financial incentives and a certification program to help businesses measure and gain recognition for their energy, waste, water, and transportation achievements. Whether you are a business, a property owner or manager, or a contractor, PACE can help you advance your environmental performance goals.

ReSource Yard: ReSource is the home of the Center for ReSource Conservation’s reclaimed materials programs. ReSource facilitates the reuse of architectural and other building materials through their donation and resale. ReSource also supports a sharing economy through their Tool Lending Library.

Household Hazardous Waste: Many products used in the home, garden, garage and hobby shop have hazardous characteristics. The Hazardous Materials Management Facility accepts many hazardous materials including: auto fluids, batteries, aerosols, paint, oil and many other items.Visit here to learn more.

Trash and Recycle Center:
Western Disposal operates a convenient public disposal site at their facility on the eastern edge of the city of Boulder. The Trash and Recycle Center is a “one stop drop.” It is not just a trash drop-off site. You can drop off recyclables, scrap metal, yard waste and wood waste (Boulder County subsidizes 40% of the costs to drop these materials)

If you have or know of any other useful recycling, composting or waste diversion resources please feel free to send a note our way!

Town of Lyons Commitment to Zero Waste:

Around 2010, the Town of Lyons adopted a Zero Waste Resolution (Zero waste is a philosophy that accepts that the earth’s ability to support life is finite and that natural resources should be used in the most efficient and sustainable way possible).

In 2015 the Town passed a Waste Hauler Ordinance that will allow better tracking of what waste is created and provide guidance on what services haulers should provide and how they should dispose of waste streams.  

In 2015, the Town of Lyons adopted the Lyons Sustainability Plan with strong waste goals, including: reduce the amount of solid waste sent to landfills; support recycling and composting programs; and strive towards zero waste and manage resources responsibly and effective.

Town staff use uses Zero Waste stations in our buildings to help reduce our impact.

The Parks Department uses Zero Waste stations at Town Events and is striving towards making all events Zero Waste.

Zero Waste practices have been adopted by several high-profile community entities including Planet Bluegrass, the Lyons Chamber of Commerce, the Lyons Dairy Bar and the Stone Cup.