Economic Vitality Commission


  • Paul Dreyer, Chair
  • Erin Foudy
  • Asa Firestone
  • Connie McGuire
  • Eric Lennert
  • Grace Barrett
  • Tiffany Martindale
  • Tanya Daty, Board of Trustees Liaison
  • Kim Mitchell, Staff Liaison

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Lyons VIBE

The Economic Vitality Commission (EVC) also serves as the Board of Directors for Lyons VIBE - Lyons' local Main Street Program.

As a Colorado Main Street Community, Lyons VIBE is a local program, built and supported by the community. Our vision is that Lyons is the premier destination for outdoor adventure, music and art celebration, and heritage discovery and we aim to get there by promoting local businesses, attracting visitors, and celebrating our unique character to strengthen economic vitality. Look for our work throughout Lyons’ business district, during local events, and in Front Range publications, and we know you’ll love Lyons too!
Lyons VIBE logo
We are part of a national network of more than 1,200 Main Street America™ neighborhoods and communities sharing both a commitment to creating high-quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.

Learn more about Lyons VIBE at

Economic Vitality Commission Responsibilities

Lyons Municipal Code, Sec. 2-8-130

  1. Advise the Board of Trustees on matters relating to ways to develop new business, strengthen and support existing business, increase the Town's sales tax base and otherwise promote economic development in the Town. 
  2. Serve as the majority of the voting members of the of the Main Street Committee, as established by resolution of the Board of Trustees. The Chair of the Economic Vitality Commission shall serve as the Chair of the Main Street Committee. 
  3. Promote a business-friendly environment that encourages the retention of locally-owned businesses and growth of new business consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and the Lyons Primary Planning Area Plans. 
  4. Actively foster an economic environment that promotes financial sustainability for the Town. 
  5. Initiate plans and recommendations to enhance an economic environment in which local business can prosper.
  6. Establish practical guidelines for the formation of public-private partnerships.
  7. Develop, use, and revise a comprehensive integrated effort to communicate Town’s unique characteristics, business establishments, and scheduled activities to target day-trip visitors, consumers, investors, prospective business owners, and local residents.
  8. Collaborate with organizations, individuals, and public and private entities located within and outside of the Town of Lyons for the purposes expressed herein for the Economic Vitality Commission for developing partnerships for special events to attract visitors to the Town.
  9. Encourage practices that enhance and sustain the Town’s visual appeal to visitors through improvements to storefronts, signs, parking areas, window displays, and public art.
  10. Collaborate with the Historic Preservation Commission and public and private entities aimed at rehabilitating historic buildings and promoting historic preservation practices.
  11. Identify and continuously improve upon ways to make the Town a destination for residents and visitors.
  12. Leverage the Town's history, natural setting, parks, recreational activities, unique retailers and relationship with music and arts communities to attract tourists.
  13. Actively seek funding sources, including grants, to sustain and enhance the programs offered.