Historic Preservation Commission


7 Vacancies

  • Reyana (Yani) Jones, Staff Liason
  • Hollie Rogin, Board of Trustees Liaison
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Historic Preservation Commission Responsibilities

Lyons Municipal Code, Sec. 2-8-140

 The Historic Preservation Commission shall have no more than seven (7) voting members and any number of appointed of non-voting members.

The powers and duties of the Historic Preservation Commission shall be as follows:
  1. Encourage and cultivate good stewardship and pride in owners of historic properties in the Town.
  2. Help property owners voluntarily preserve their historic landmarks. 
  3. Promote heritage tourism.
  4. Create and maintain a registry of designated properties.
  5. Identify incentives available through the historic designation process. 
  6. Collaborate with the PCDC and Economic Vitality Commission on historic preservation matters.
  7. Leverage technology, social media, and marketing to make a digital map of Lyons highlighting historic sites within Lyons.