Broadway/US36 Multimodal Improvement

Significant improvements to the westbound direction of US-36 were made in 2010 (along the historic Main St corridor), with additional improvements on US-36 westbound from McConnell to 3rd Ave in 2016.

The scope of this project is similar to the Main St 2010 project, yet the focus is on the eastbound direction of US-36, along Broadway, facilitating improved traffic flows between 3rd and 5th Avenues together with safer pedestrian, bike, and public transit connectivity to downtown businesses and future transit stops leading to Boulder. Paving and improving access to the frontage road along US36, creating an alley delivery lane for businesses and an inviting pedestrian access to businesses interested in aligning their frontage along the Broadway/US-36 eastbound direction in addition to their Main Street entrances. View the submission presented to DRCOG.

CDOT/DRCOG project along Broadway includes:  

  1. Narrower travel lanes
  2. Addition of 51 parking spaces along the northern and southern edges
  3. Delivery access on north side
  4. Multi modal (bike/ped) along south side 
The Town plans to host public meetings on this project with both businesses and the community before the Board of Trustees decides whether to proceed with the project.  


Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. 
Meeting with businesses located on Broadway.
Location: Online via Zoom
US36 Multimodal Improvement Presentation