Lyons Sidewalk Assessment

Lyons Pedestrian Network Assessment

Improving pedestrian mobility and safety is a priority for the Town of Lyons. The Town has many sidewalks that are either inadequate, in disrepair, or locations where sidewalks simply do not exist. Most of these areas are in the historic parts of Town. This assessment includes an inventory and analysis of existing sidewalks, curb ramps, and marked crosswalks. Recommendations will identify future improvements for the pedestrian network.

Like many cities in the West, Lyons also retains several segments of historic sandstone/flagstone sidewalks and would like to retain and improve upon those where feasible and appropriate, especially considering the added value that the sandstone for these sidewalks was quarried here in the Lyons area. Sandstone continues to be quarried in the hills surrounding Lyons; as such, the Town is examining replacing and/or augmenting this type of sidewalk, particularly in the historic core of our municipality. 


Sidewalks are a key component – both real and perceived – of public safety, of ease of mobility, and of wise urban planning, among a diverse host of attributes. The main goals of this assessment are as follows:

    To provide the Town with an inventory of the existing sidewalks

    To provide the Town with a condition rating of those sidewalks

    To provide recommended improvements

    To provide a priority of those improvements

    To provide avenues for potential pedestrian network improvement funding


Public Survey

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments. The comment period closed on October 6.