Lyons Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

Welcome to the Lyons Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (LESAP) page. Here you can download the plan along with its supportive resources. About the Sustainability Plan In August of 2013 the Town of Lyons worked with Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS), a Hygiene based non-profit, to create the Environmental Sustainability Plan. This effort was focused primarily on creating environmental recommendations for Lyons—social and economic sustainable practices are not included in this plan.

In September of 2013 a 500-year flood tore through the town of Lyons and everything changed; problems became more severe and focus shifted to flood recovery. After the completion of the long-term flood recovery plan the town got back to work on the Sustainability Plan. The plan’s scope was expanded to address the town’s need for resilient and sustainable solutions in the aftermath of the flood. The Board of Trustees voted to approve the Lyons Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (LESAP) in March of 2015.

In order to ensure that the Sustainability Action Plan is implemented the Town has hired a part-time Sustainability Coordinator (paid in part by a Boulder County grant) in August of 2015. If you have any ideas, concerns or questions please feel free to reach out to the Town’s Sustainability Coordinator.


Download our Sustainability Plan:
Lyons Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

Sustainability Action Table (to be used as a management tool)

Approved by the Town of Lyons Board of Trustees: 3/2/2015