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Change of Use Business License Renewal Application


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  2. 2. Backflow Prevention & Cross-Connection Control Program
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  • Step One

    1. Business License Renewal - Change of Use Application

      The following application is for businesses seeking to renew their annual Business License, but have changed/increased the business's use, (i.e. the type of operations) from last year. An example of a chance of use is a business that was licensed and operated as an office last year, but now there's an added retail component. If this applies to your business, please complete this application and include information for both/all uses.

      As set forth in the Lyons Town Code, an annual business license is required for all businesses operating in the Town of Lyons. Business licenses expire on December 31 of each year.

      It is the business owner’s responsibility to remember that business licenses must be renewed each January. Failure to renew may result in the revocation of the license as indicated in Section 2-1-10 of the Lyons Town Code.

      Business licenses of any type, including both renewing and new businesses, are $50.

      Renewing business license applications and payments must be submitted on or before December 31. All renewals submitted after December 31 will be issued a penalty of ten percent (10%) of the amount of the license fee, and an additional five percent (5%) of the original fee will be added on the last day of each calendar month (LMC § 6-1-100).

      Payment information is listed at the end of the application.

    2. Changes to Building
      If you have questions about making exterior or interior alterations to your building please see our Doing Business in Lyons web page, and reach out to our Community Development Department at if you need additional information. If you intend to do a different type or level of activity in your space than before (e.g. changing the space from retail to food service) please contact our Community Development Department.
    3. Town of Lyons Business License Application
      This application must be completed in full.
    4. The License Number is a three- or four-digit code found on your Business License.
    5. (This may be a Facebook page or other informational hosting site. Please mark N/A if you/your employees do not manage your business's content online.)
    6. Type of Business*
      Please mark all the industries that best describe your business.
    7. Please select the zoning district in which your business is located:*
    8. Required by all Retail and Commercial Food businesses.
    9. Please upload a scan or image of your current Boulder County Retail Food Establishment License.
    10. Please upload the last quarter's grease trap report
    11. Please provide a general description of operations, including primary products and/or services.
    12. Grease and Waste Removal*
      Will you be disposing of your grease and waste outside of the Town of Lyons?
    13. Please provide all addresses where you will be serving food/parked. You may add additional locations in the future.
    14. Home Business *
      A home business shall be allowed as a permitted accessory use, provided that all of the following conditions are met:

      I Certify:
    15. Please type full name