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Commercial Unit Short-Term Rental Application


  1. 1. Basic Information
  2. 2. Short-term Rental Information
  3. 3. Zoning, Usage, and Parking
  4. 4. Short Term Rental Self-Inspection Checklist
  5. 5. Acknowledgements and Certifications
  6. 6. Affidavit of Applicant and On-Site Representation
  • Basic Information

    1. To apply for a commercial short-term rental unit (STR), please complete the following application. Applications will be reviewed for compliance, in accordance with the Lyons Municipal Code, and a decision on the application’s approval will be made within 45 days. Short-term Rental Licenses are valid for one calendar year, January through December.

      Please note, upon review of the following application, new commercial unit STRs may be required meet current commercial building regulations for short-term lodging. If inspections are necessary, the Town or the Lyons Regional Fire District will contact the applicant.
    2. Fees*

      Short-term Rental (STR) License fees are $125 for new licenses or $50 for renewals, paid annually. There is not pro-rated pricing or discounts for mid-year licensing.

      Payments can be made by check or credit/debit card - link to payment at the end of this application. Please make checks payable to Town of Lyons. Please select the appropriate fee by checking the area below.

    3. The applicant for the commercial STR licensure must be the owner of the commercial dwelling unit, the on-site business representative of the property where the dwelling unit is located, or is the beneficiary of a trust owning the dwelling unit. See section 6-7-50 (a) (1) of the Lyons Municipal Code.
    4. Primary and Secondary Contact Information
      The primary and/or secondary representative will be contacted in the event of a disturbance or emergency at the short-term rental. Representatives must reside or are physically located within sixty (60) miles of the short-term rental property, and are available by phone twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week. The primary representative may be the applicant, if they are located within sixty (60) miles during rental periods. See section 6-7-50 (a) (5) of the Lyons Municipal Code