Official Town of Lyons Communication

From Mayor Connie Sullivan, on behalf of the Board of Trustees:
On Tuesday, October 4, a search was conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding the procurement process for the contract with Front Range Land Solutions (Rosi Dennett).

On October 7, the mayor was informed that the FBI’s portion of the investigation was concluded, and that the agency would not be proceeding with a federal case. 

Yesterday afternoon, October 11, the mayor was informed that HUD does not intend to gather additional information from the Town, and all original documents taken during Tuesday’s search were returned. 

Next, the Board plans to commence with an internal review of the circumstances that prompted the external investigation.  The Board intends to complete this review as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and the Town Administrator and Town Clerk will remain on temporary paid leave until the Board’s process is complete. 

The investigation by HUD and the FBI was focused on specific documents associated with the procurement of the contract with Front Range Land Solutions/Rosi Dennett.  The report issued by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) in April 2016, was not causal to this investigation, and the investigation did not involve how grant funds for large flood recovery projects were procured or managed.  No misuse of funds was identified by either external agency, and no Town staff was found to have personally benefited from the procurement of the Front Range Land Solutions contract.  The internal review will focus on the documentation processes and related circumstances surrounding contract procurement so that any needed corrective actions can be identified and implemented by the Board.

Town of Lyons

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