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Recovery Housing Open House & Visioning Workshop

Please join the Lyons Housing Collaborative, which is comprised of Town staff, Boulder County Housing Authority, WORKSHOP8, Trestle Strategy Group, and Habitat for Humanity, on Saturday, January 31 for the Lyons Recovery Housing Open House & Visioning Workshop. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Rogers Hall, and will be an interactive way for the community to share ideas, visions, and desires for the Recovery Housing Project.

This is an opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with the designers, architects, engineers, builders, and developers who will be designing, constructing, and managing the flood replacement housing. Bring pictures, images or drawings of the places and designs you love.

The mission of the Collaborative is to design and build housing that enhances and enriches the community, and create housing that is a welcome homecoming for displaced residents and a source of pride for the town and neighbors.

From this event, the team hopes to have a strong sense of what the community desires in terms of the following opportunities:

  • Understanding the vision, poetry, and natural beauty of the site
  • Identifying community preferences for massing & density
  • Discussing unique opportunities for both site and unit amenities
  • Connecting the proposed housing to the existing and future context within Bohn Park and to the existing neighborhoods
  • Exploring community preferences for building materials and architectural character

Please come and share your voice and shape the vision.

Winterizing Your Home
Please remember to keep your home heated to at least 65° F throughout winter to prevent freezing pipes. Keeping cupboard doors open below sinks with plumbing will circulate warm air and also help prevent frozen pipes. If you plan to leave for an extended period, have your water system drained. This can be done either by turning off your water, and draining every faucet of remaining water, or by a professional.
You are responsible for the water line from your house to the main line; please inform Public Works of any broken pipes.  

Below is an awesome video put together by Honeywell. Honeywell has been an invaluable resource in rebuilding Lyons, and the Town is so grateful.
Have you seen the new Town Hall Plaza lately? If not, stop by and check it out!