Official Communication from the Town of Lyons

Utility Rates to Increase

On January 4, the Board of Trustees (BOT) passed two ordinances to increase the electric and wastewater service rates. The new rates will take effect 30 days after BOT approval, and will appear on utility bills 30 days after implementation.
The Town of Lyons' electric service provider, MEAN, has removed its seasonal rates and gone to one monthly rate for the entire year, resulting in overall higher costs for Lyons. For this structure, the base rate will remain the same, but the variable portion of the typical electric bill, averaged over a year, will increase by just over 10 percent. The recent Lyons 2016 budget assumes the winter rates will be raised to equal the current summer rates, so the increases will only affect bills for the months of October through May.
The Town's new wastewater treatment plant is finished, and now has over $300,000 in annuals loans for the next 20 years. The BOT found that the payments on the loan cannot be met without a corresponding increase in certain wastewater service fees. The proposal would keep usage rates the same, and raise the base rates by $6 to:
All consumers with flat rate Town-provided water service: $98.50
Residential consumers with metered Town-provided water service: $22.65
Residential consumers without metered Town-provided water service: $22.65
Nonresidential consumers with metered Town-provided water service: $22.65

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Annexation Moratorium Extended

On January 4, the Board of Trustees (BOT) approved a 90-day annexation moratorium extension for the Eastern Corridor, and a 180-day extension for the Western Corridor. The moratorium was initially implemented for 180 days in June 2015, to ensure that new proposals for annexation and development were subject to the new master plan for the Lyons Planning Area. Based on the progress of the new plan, the BOT believes that the respective extensions will be adequate to allow for completion of the Master Plan. 
Due to the ongoing progression of the Master Plan, the Board declared the moratorium extensions to be effective immediately upon acceptance.  

SVCC Meeting

SVCC to Host Informational Recovery Meeting

The Saint Vrain Creek Coalition (SVCC) is hosting an informational meeting to provide residents with information on upcoming flood recovery projects being planned in their neighborhoods. The informational meeting will be held on Monday, January 11, 2016, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., at 556 Apple Valley Road in Lyons. 


Traffic Lane Closures

The Town's contractor is preparing to install the US-36/Stone Canyon traffic signal. In the coming weeks, the following turn lanes will be closed to traffic, though the turns will still be accessible from the through lanes:

  • The deceleration (right turn) lane onto McConnell Dr. from US-36 eastbound
  • The acceleration lane from McConnell Drive onto US-36 eastbound
  • The deceleration lane (right turn) lane from US-36 westbound onto Stone Canyon Drive
In addition, speed limits will be reduced throughout construction. Please be cautious of the changing traffic patterns. 
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