About Lyons Prepared

We're a group of neighbors from the Lyons, Colorado area who are volunteering to help us all become better prepared to help each other deal with any future emergencies.

Preparing our neighborhoods

We're working to create groups of people in each of our neighborhoods within the Lyons Fire Protection District to coordinate our preparation and response to any kind of emergency that may impact us, for example, heavy rains and flooding, major snow storms, wildfires, and so on.

Initial focus: Communication

Our initial focus is to create voluntary communication trees so that we can quickly share information in case of an emergency. To achieve this, we are distributing emergency radios to the points of contacts in the participating neighborhoods.
This is important when an emergency situation is evolving rapidly, especially if normal communication channels aren't functioning well, such as when we lost phones, cell service, and power/internet during the 2013 flood.

Getting messages to everyone quickly

The idea is that the incident commander from the Lyons Fire District or the Boulder County Sheriff's Office can send critical messages and updates to and receive messages from a point of contact in each neighborhood. That person can then distribute the messages to a small team of people in the neighborhood, who can in turn share it with all participating neighbors. This ensures that these messages get to as many people as possible within a short period of time.

If you'd like to participate in the communication tree for your neighborhood, please contact us at info@LyonsPrepared.com.