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2020 Contractor License

  1. Please fill this out in its entirety, enclose the appropriate fee, include a copy of your Certificate of Insurance indicating your liability coverage, and upload a copy in the appropriate field (below), or mail it to the Town of Lyons at the address listed below. We will not be able to process the paperwork until we have received all requested items.

    If you have any questions, please call Lyons Town Hall.

  2. Please Check One*

  3. Is there a permit pending this license approval?*

  4. Town of Lyons Contractor License Application

    This application must be completed in full.

  5. Specify the type of work your company will be engaged in:*

  6. Please upload a scanned copy of your Certificate of Insurance with the Town of Lyons named as certificate holder.

  7. No fee is required if you are an Electrical or Plumbing Contractor, according to State Statutes, but you must enclose a copy of your present valid and current masters license issued by the State of Colorado. State Electrical or Plumbing License Number (attach copy):

  8. Signature*

    Application is hereby made for the Town of Lyons registration, and the undersigned will be responsible for conformance to all Town of Lyons ordinances, adopted codes and the 2015 International Building Code and International Residential Code and the 2017 National Electric Code:

  9. Please type full name

  10. Payment

    After submitting this application, please mail a check or money order (please do not mail cash), along with any other applicable material (Certificate of Insurance, etc.) to the address below. Or, cash, checks, and money orders will be accepted in-person at Lyons Town Hall.

    Mailing Address:
    Attn: Contractor License Technician
    Lyons Town Hall
    PO Box 49
    Lyons, CO 80540

    Lyons Town Hall
    432 5th Ave.
    Lyons, CO 80540

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