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Lyons Poetry in Public Places

  1. Here in Lyons, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful views and inspiring visual art. Now, the Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission (LAHC) is calling all area poets to submit poems inspired by the theme “Finding joy and beauty in Lyons” for its Lyons Poetry in Public Places project. The poet, Carol Ann Duffy, writes “You can find poetry in your everyday life, your memory, in what people say on the bus, in the news, or just what's in your heart.” What does it mean to you, in your everyday life, in your memory, in your heart to find joy and beauty in Lyons? So, put those thoughts on paper in an artful way. LAHC members will serve as judges. Prizes will be award and poems will be selected to be exhibited on posters that will be hung throughout the Town of Lyons. The following are the guidelines for submission:
  2. Deadline
    Deadline to submit poems to the Lyons Regional Library or through the link at the Town of Lyons website is Monday, May 24, 2021. There will be a public reading featuring the winners of the contest. Date and details to come.
  3. Prizes
    Awards will be given to the first, second, and third place poems in the adult (18 and up) and 9-17 age category. Poems will also be chosen to be displayed on posters throughout town. You will be notified if you are among the winners and/or if your poem is chosen for a poster.
  4. Who Can Participate
    The contest is for anyone within the 80540 zip code who is inspired to write about finding joy and beauty in Lyons is encouraged to apply. Write about age categories Adult and 9-17
  5. No Entry Fee
    There is no entry fee. An optional donation is encouraged can be made to the Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission by visiting the web page at the Town of Lyons website.
  6. Theme
    Submit a manuscript of 3-5 typed and numbered pages of poems. Poems should address the theme “Finding Joy and Beauty in Lyons.” The theme or subject of the contest can be broadly interpreted. Ideas can range from our local parks to music. Poets can write about any aspect that subtly or overtly relates to Lyons, its history, beauty, challenges, and changes. The poem can be placed, if location is important to the poem, anywhere along or around Lyons, though Lyons doesn’t have to be cited by name. The poems can be in free verse or rhymed, in a traditional form or contemporary – the tone and style of the contest is open, although in submitting poems for the competition, poets should consider that the audience includes families and children. Also keep in mind that the poems should be no more than 21 lines long in order to fit on posters that will be displayed in Lyons businesses.
  7. Poetry Manuscript Requirements
    • Length: Submit 3-5 poems no 21 lines single spaced
    • Each poem must have a title or handle, even if you use “Untitled”
    • Put no more than 1 poem on a page.
    • Author’s name or identifying information may NOT appear on ANY page of the manuscript, but should appear on a cover page submitted with the poems. Please include name, phone number, and email on the cover page only so we can contact you.
    • The entire manuscript must be typed.
    Criteria for judge – Creativity and adherence to theme.
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