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This forum may be used to submit public input and feedback for the Lyons Primary Planning Area (LPPA) Master Planning Process. Please post your comments under one of the corresponding discussion topics. Each initiative is titled by the respective public workshop and date of the meeting.

DISCLAIMER: The intent of this forum is to function as a standard feedback mechanism,similar to that of a traditional public meeting. To ensure accountability and transparency, the coordinating entities request that each user use real names, rather than posting anonymously - posts by fabricated identities are subject to removal, at the discretion of the Town. If you would like to submit feedback confidentially, send input to Flood Recovery Planner, Matthew Manley at

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  1. Feedback on Preferred Concept Plan

    Please refer to the presentation from Public Workshop #3 which can be found here...

    May 2, 2016 by Deleted User (561 points)

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