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Fire Hydrant Testing

Fire Hydrant Testing, Possible Impacts

The Town and associated partners will also begin testing fire hydrants and water systems today. Residents may experience water discoloration as a result. Discoloration is normal during the process, and can be corrected by allowing faucets to run for a couple minutes until clear.

The Town has identified 10 hydrants throughout town that it will begin with the fire hydrant testing.

This process will also cause some pressure fluctuation in the waterlines throughout town. In the past, some homeowners and businesses have experienced some damage to their property because the water heater was not installed with a pressure relief valve. Please  ensure the pressure relief valve is draining properly. The Town of Lyons will not be liable for any damages caused to property because of this issue.

A pressure relief valve is different from a pressure reducing valve, though both are recommended for stable water pressure in your home or business. Pressure relief valves continuously vent devices at a set pressure; pressure reducing valves reduce pressure from the water supply main, to ensure constant flow of water when the main pressure fluctuates.

Town Rebate for Pressure Reducing Valves
The Town recognizes not all buildings were constructed or retrofit with PRVs, and that functioning PRVs in individual units provide a benefit to both the building owner and the Town. The Town has identified a rebate program, as a way to encourage and support PRVs.

For more information on pressure relief and pressure reducing valves, including the rebate program overview and application, visit

Town of Lyons, Colorado
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