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McConnell Bridge

Notice: Upcoming screening & placing may have audible impacts

By mid-December, the McConnell Bridge contractor will be be driving the steel frame pilings, which will be noticeably audible. In addition, they'll be drilling and pouring caissons, which will also result in loud noises, particularly to surrounding neighborhoods. Finally, they'll be screening the dirt and river rock - the process of removing material from the river and screening for reuse - which may likely cause loud noises.

McConnell Pedestrian Path Open

The pedestrian path along McConnell Drive is now open. The path is located along the south side of the emergency access road. The path may be accessed by cyclists and pedestrians.

McConnell Ped Access

Bohn Park

This is a friendly reminder that the Bohn Park Phase I recovery project is nearing completion, but we're asking for your continued patience and assistance through the final stretch. Please remember and help spread the word that the park remains closed to vehicles and foot traffic (non-personnel) in all construction areas, at all times. Visitors can access the southern areas of the park, including the multi-purpose field, dirt jump bike and Bohn Park Dog Park, via the trail access off 2nd Ave., and following the trail along the eastern portion of the park. Visitors are welcome to park at the wastewater treatment plant public parking area, located along 2nd Ave., east of Bohn Park. 
Phase I will open once sod, seed, & plants are rooted and healthy. Re-vegetation is already underway. The timing is reliant on several factors (construction setbacks, weather, etc.); at this juncture, Phase I could open as early as mid-December, or may be Spring of  2018. As more progress is made, the Town will continue to send updates.

We appreciate your continued patience in restoring Bohn Park.

LaVern M. Johnson Ice Rink

LaVern M. Johnson Park was designed to incorporate a weather-dependent ice rink atop the enclosed grassy area, at the west end of the park. The rink's ice is completely dependent upon below freezing weather, as we do not have a chiller or other freezing equipment.

To begin establishing the rink for the season, temperatures need to be below freezing for at least seven consistent days. The Parks and Public Works team are keeping a close watch on weather forecasts, with the intent to open the rink this winter, as weather permits. 

Stay tuned for updates on the ice rink... and hope for some cold weather!

We're Hiring!

The Town of Lyons has several employment opportunities, including Finance Technician, Project Manager, Assistant to Finance Director, and Administrative Receptionist/Building Permit Technician.

Town of Lyons Employment Opportunities >>

Town of Lyons

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