Pay-As-You-Throw Single-Hauler 

On October 21, the Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing for the consideration of a recommendation from the Sustainable Futures Commission of a Single-Hauler Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) program for the Town of Lyons. Included in the presentation will be an assessment of the bids submitted by haulers, from which they will determine whether to move forward.

The Single-Hauler PAYT program is a waste rate strategy that sets households’ waste collection rates based on the amount of trash (landfill) they accumulate, with increased costs correlating with incrementally greater quantities of trash; the more you send to the landfill, the more you pay. In order to make the program financially sustainable, the Town would require all residents to use a single hauler for waste removal. To further promote zero-waste efforts, the program intends to incorporate recycling and compost services, as part of the hauler’s price model.

The biggest drivers for a Single-Hauler PAYT program are to find ways to maximize diversion from landfills, while simultaneously aiming to reduce the cost to residents, through more efficient economies of scale. This program intends to have a comprehensive waste, recycling, and organic program for all single-family residences.

The presentation can be found here.