Bell of Renewal

On September 11, 2020 – the seventh anniversary of the 2013 flood – the Bell of Renewal was installed along the South St. Vrain Creek, at the north end of the Bohn Park pedestrian bridge. The sculpture’s concept was born in 2018, when the Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission (LAHC) began working with a team of local artists, Anita Miller and James Moore, to build a unique sculpture that would symbolize Lyons’ grit and resiliency.

The bronze sculpture depicts a bell suspended from a tree branch, upon which a great horned owl with outstretched wings is perched. The bell showcases natural scenes in relief, including the iconic local Steamboat Mountain. The piece beautifully represents the nature in which Lyons thrives and memorializes the strength of the community through recovery. The piece features a functioning bell that passersby are invited to ring.

Funding for the Bell of Renewal was provided by the Board of Trustees and independent funders. The sculpture is part of the heARTS of Lyons Outdoor Public Art Collection as Legacy artwork – a permanent addition to the Town’s public art collection.

Progress Shots

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About the Artists

James G. Moore assisted by Anita Miller

James Moore has been working professionally in bronze for the last 22 years. His award-winning work is now in public and private collections across the United States, Mexico, and Europe. James participates in many shows and is represented by several galleries. He lives in the rural town of Eaton, Colorado, where he spends much of his leisure time enjoying the outdoors and observing the animals and natural environment that are so inspirational to his work. Learn more at
James G. Moore
Anita Miller moved to Lyons in 2016 and felt the ripples of the flood as she heard her neighbors speak of the historic and life-changing event. The artist, who has her own history of creating memorial artwork, imagined a symbol of hope and renewal to honor Lyons’ recovery, which she and her family now enjoy. Anita believed the work of James G. Moore best captures the spirit of renewal, so they have partnered to create the one-of-a-kind sculpture. Anita's work can be seen in the The Eyes of Freedom: Lima Company Memorial project, in which she combined her painting and sculpture artwork into an artistic memorial of the Lima Company tragedies of 2005. The memorial travels nationally as a memorial and educational tool. Learn more at