Tiny Homes on Wheels

The Town of Lyons recently adopted a Tiny Home Ordinance (ORD. 1047), allowing for the establishment of Tiny Homes on existing lots as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). Only ten units will be permitted town-wide.

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Tiny Homes as ADUs Basics:

  • Cannot exceed four-hundred (400) square feet in size (exclusive of porches, decks)
  • Cannot exceed seventeen (17) feet in height, from the ground to roof peak
  • Only allowed as ADUs in R-1, A-1 & A-2 zone districts (see Lyons Zoning Map)
  • Must meet ANSI, NFPA and NEC standards
  • Must have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and a working fire extinguisher
  • In addition to the main entrance, a minimum egress/rescue opening of at least twenty (20) inches in width by twenty-four (24) inches in height, and must be accessible from all sleeping areas
  • Minimum R-13 insulation in floor, walls, and ceiling
  • Must be finished on all sides with approved siding, along with approved windows and door types
  • Tiny Home wheels, running gear, and hitch components must be screened from view with approved materials
  • Must be connected to Town water, wastewater, and electric systems, and must meet the requirements of the Utility Department
  • Must be anchored or secured in a manner to withstand wind gusts of up to one hundred forty (140) miles per hour
  • No interior storage of water or wastewater (hot water heater and toilet tank excluded)
  • Tiny Homes must be separated from any other structure on the property by a minimum of ten (10) feet
  • Cannot be located within fifty (50) feet of the bank of a river or creek
  • Cannot be located in a floodway
  • Tiny Homes located in a floodplain must comply with all FEMA requirements for structures within a floodplain
  • No more than four (4) persons may occupy a Tiny Home
  • Short-Term lodging of a Tiny Home is prohibited
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Review Guidelines

Tiny Homes require a Conditional Use Review, where the property owner of the lot on which the Tiny Home is proposed will provide evidence of compatibility with the surrounding neighborhood’s nearby principle residences.

Design Features indicative of neighborhood compatibility include:

  • More than one type of exterior siding
  • Exterior accessories, such as permanent shutters, fixed sunshade devices or gutters/downspouts
  • Pitched roofing (3:12 or steeper)
  • Dormers
  • Pre-manufactured skylights
  • Built-in porch or deck
  • Exterior residential light sconces or downcans
  • Other approved features

Tiny Homes require a Site Plan Review, to include:

  • Proposed location on a lot, including setback distances from lot lines
  • Proof of method of compliance with minimum construction standards
  • Elevation drawings (with method of screening/skirting)  •Identification of type of siding and roofing materials
  • Floorplan
  • Proof of utility connections (availability and location)
  • Landscaping plan
  • Proof of compliance with anchoring/tie-down requirements
  • Additional documentation as requested

    If you would like to schedule a pre-application meeting, contact Town Planner, Paul Glasgow at (303) 823-6622, ext. 25 or pglasgow@townoflyons.com