Board of Trustees Meeting Videos

COVID-19 Virtual Meetings
Due to COVID-19, Board of Trustees and Planning and Community Development Commission (PCDC) Meetings will be held remotely as a 'virtual' Town Hall, via an online platform. Members of the public may watch or listen in to live meetings via the instructions below.

To watch the live meetings via Zoom, open the meeting's packet, and follow the instructions in the header.

Virtual Meeting Recordings
The virtual Board of Trustees and PCDC meetings will still be recorded and uploaded to their respective meeting date, under the "Sessions" section below. Due to the additional measures required, please allow up to two business days for meeting recordings to be posted on this page. Thank you for your understanding.

Watch and listen in on Board of Trustees and Planning & Community Development Commission (PCDC) meetings, as they're happening! When a live video is available, a link will appear in the Live Sessions box. Toggle between Board of Trustees and PCDC meetings from the category selections, located above the list of sessions.

Recorded meetings are archived by date and category (Board of Trustees and PCDC).