Lyons Valley River Park

Notice: Lyons Parks are Closed Until Further Notice

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of its residents, visitors, employees, and volunteers, Lyons parks facilities will be closed, beginning Saturday, July 18, 2020. Patrons will still be allowed to use the trail system and access the river, but group gatherings, picnicking, pop-ups, and congregating along river will not be permitted. Camping and shelter reservations will be honored.

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August 2019
As a reminder, the LVRP area is still an active construction site. Please note that people and pets should not be in the area. Staff is working with external consultants to remedy the algae growth.

Ecologists with DHM Design completed a site assessment in early August to review current pond health and aquatic vegetation. This is a brief summary of their assessment:

The two recently constructed ponds at LVRP have aquatic vegetation present in both density and composition that is common to newly created still water natural aquatic systems. Invasive noxious species are present but can be managed. The ponds are experiencing vegetative growth typical with that of a newly-constructed ponds. The species observed included: Water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) (invasive), Eurasian milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) (invasive), Common elodea (Elodea nuttalli hydrocharitaceae) (native), Elodia (Elodia canadensis) (native) and filamentous algae (Spirogyra spp.)

The aquatic vegetation will need to be continually managed until the system stabilizes at a eutrophic level (i.e. nutrients, temperature, DO, etc.) Increasing flow through the pond system will significantly improve water quality. The physical site around of the ponds should stabilize once vegetation establishment occurs which will significantly to reduce sedimentation and nutrient transport into ponds, it turn, reducing the available nutrients for weed production. We will continue to work with the contractor to make needed adjustments to the irrigation system to improve erosion control and sediment transportation. In addition to these suggestions, the Town of Lyons has scheduled a site visit with Aqua Sierra, to gain further information on the condition of the ponds including a full water quality assessment.

 The Town expects to have an update in early September.
April 2019
The Lyons Valley River Park Pond project is on schedule to be completed by the end of June 2019. Seeding and revegetation will occur during the first week of May. While active construction will slow down considerably, the area will remain closed to the public through at least June, while the seedlings and plants take root. The east side of the October and November hole area remains open to the public. 

The scope of the LVRP Pond project consists of reshaping the pond, installing an internal trail system, restoring habitat and vegetation, and install of the sewer outfall line. Equipment will be staged at the wastewater treatment plant site. 

Updates of the park's anticipated opening will be posted on this page. We thank you for your continued patience!

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LVRP Ponds, March 2019

LVRP Ponds, March 2019

LVRP Ponds, April 2019

LVRP Ponds, April 2019
Photo courtesy of Nathan Werner

90% Design, March 2018

Town of Lyons Lyons Valley River Park 90 Percent Design Construction Plans
The Town of Lyons Parks Flood Recovery Planning team held nine public meetings, to collect ideas for the flood recovery designs of the parks and trails.

Use the following links to view the information from the Lyons Valley River Park (LVRP) public planning meetings.

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