BoCo Strong Community Resilience and Capacity Building Initiative

Are you interested in helping to enhance the resilience and well-being of your neighborhood/canyon?
Are you interested in sharpening your skills to help identify and implement a community improvement project?
If you answered yes, then you should apply to be a Resilience Leader in the BoCo Strong Community Resilience and Capacity Building Initiative.

This is a pilot project in five communities (Jamestown, Lyons, Boulder, Longmont, and unincorporated Boulder County) consisting of 2-4 residents (Resilience Leaders) from each area who will develop their leadership skills and take action to promote the resilience and well-being of their neighborhood or community. Each neighborhood or community will have a representative from their local government join them to form a Resilience Leadership Team. These teams will be supported in leading and engaging their communities in identifying, prioritizing and implementing projects that increase their community’s well-being. 

Resilience Leaders will gain skills and knowledge in: community organizing and facilitation, identifying and connecting with resources, understanding risk and how it relates to your community, assessing and prioritizing neighborhood/community needs, identifying community stressors, understanding the interdependency of the elements within your community, social media tools, project implementation, and built relationships with other leaders across the county.

Resilience Leaders will be asked to make a one-year commitment beginning with a kick-off meeting on January 14th and ending in December of 2016. We anticipate an average of 2-3 hours of work per week throughout the year including community engagement efforts, workshops, and monthly meetings.

A key learning in Boulder County from the economic downturn in 2008, the 2010 Fourmile Fire, and the 2013 Flood was that neighborhoods, communities and businesses with connected people and connections to nonprofits and local government responded more effectively and recovered faster. By building resilience as individuals, neighborhoods, and communities we are better able to take care of our neighbors, ourselves, and create a healthy community.

How to Apply:
Send an email to Cody Humphrey at explaining why you want to participate and that you have the time to commit for the entire year (a paragraph will suffice). The deadline to apply is January 3rd. Please know that we understand people are busy so we don’t expect anyone to attend every single meeting. That’s why we are hoping to have 2-4 folks from each area so they can share the work. Feel free to encourage your friends or neighbors to join you in applying!

Click the links on the left to access documents that provide more details about the program. Please contact Cody at if you have questions or thoughts or know someone who should be invited to participate. This is an exciting opportunity to work together to enhance the resilience and well-being of our communities.