Lyons Urban Renewal Authority

In 2013, Town of Lyons staff and the Board of Trustees began researching the prospect of creating an urban renewal authority (URA). Shortly before the final two public hearings, the Town was inundated by the flood, and the project was temporarily set aside to focus on recovery. Since then. Town officials have once again pursued the establishment of a URA - a tool that could also be useful in the continuing recovery efforts.

As required by Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) § 31-25-104(a), the Town has received a petition from 25 registered electors of the Town, stating that there is a need for a URA. Upon the filing of the petition, a public hearing was noticed pursuant to CRS § 31-25-104(a), regarding the Board of Trustees' consideration of the establishment of a URA.

The URA would prevent and remediate blighted areas of Town. According to CRS § 31-25-104(b), in order for a URA to be established within a municipality, a finding of "one or more slum or blighted areas exist in the municipality" must be made by the governing body. Ricker/Cunningham completed a preliminary blight study in April 2015, which found that at least five of the eleven blight factors set forth in CRS § 31-25-103(2) exist within Town.

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