Doing Business in Lyons


Thank you for choosing Lyons to locate your business. To help you to understand the role of municipal government in your business, the Town of Lyons has provided the regulations in the Lyons Municipal Code (LMC) that are relevant to conduct your business. Please use the following list to help you do business in the Town of Lyons. Included are the references from the LMC.

New Business License

A Town of Lyons business license is required for all businesses located and/or conducting business within the Town of Lyons, including Home Occupations. Approval of your Business License application is necessary prior to operating a business. The application should be submitted early to ensure your proposed business is compliant with the Lyons Municipal Code. There are a few steps involved in opening a new business. 

Please carefully review all of the requirements to Start, Move, or Expand your Business.

Edward Bruder-Main St.-9

Business License Renewal Application

Every business located within Town of Lyons must renew their business license annually. If there are no changes to the business, they may submit a simple renewal application. The application and the renewal fee must be submitted before the license can be issued. It is the responsibility of the business owner to submit the renewal application and the fee before the end of the year. 

Business License Renewal Application>>

Business License Change of Use Application

The following application is for businesses seeking to renew their annual Business License, but have changed/increased the business's use, (i.e. the type of operations) from last year. An example of a chance of use is a business that was licensed and operated as an office last year, but now there's an added retail component. If this applies to your business, please complete this application and include information for both/all uses.

Business License Change of Use Form>>

Mobile Food Vendors

All Mobile food vendors are required to have a Town of Lyons Business License and remit Lyons sales tax. Mobile food vendors include catering companies and food trucks. Mobile food vendors and caterers making sales of food or drink in Colorado are subject to sales tax licensing, collection, and filing requirements in the same manner as any other dining establishment. 

Mobile food venders are required to operate on commercial property unless otherwise permitted by the Town of Lyons for special events. Caterers that operate a wedding venues and food trucks may fill out this application to apply for a Town of Lyons Business License. 

New Mobile Food Vendor Business License Application>>

Additional Locations for Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food Vendors must submit each address they intend to serve at for approval. If a mobile food vendor already has a Town of Lyons Business License and would like to submit a new address for approval after their license has been issued, please complete the Additional Locations for Mobile Food Vendors form.

Additional Locations for Mobile Food Vendors>>

Sales Tax

All businesses that operate in the Town of Lyons are required to remit sales tax (LMC 4-4). Sales tax should be remitted through the Colorado Department of Revenue. To calculate the amount that you should be remitting and to file a payment, review the Colorado Department of Revenue's Sales & Use Tax Forms & Instructions 

View the brochure on local sales tax information for the Town of Lyons.

Frequented Business Regulations

Town of Lyons Sales Tax (LMC 4-4)
Peddlers, Vendors and Solicitors (LMC 10-9)  
Streets and Sidewalks (LMC 11-1)
Non-Residential Zoning Regulations (LMC 16-3)  
Contractors Registrations (LMC 6-3)
Grease and Sand and Oil Traps Required (LMC 13-4-140)


Please check with the Planning/Building Department before constructing or erecting a sign for business. We understand that signs are expensive, so to prevent having to change a sign that is already constructed, all business signs require an approved sign permit prior to display. The Lyons Municipal Code has standards for the lighting, size and placement standards of business signs.
Sign Regulations (LMC 16-9)

To apply for a sign permit, please complete the sign permit application and a building permit application, and submit to, or mail to 

Attn: Building Permits
Town of Lyons
PO Box 49
Lyons, CO 80540

Home Businesses

A home business shall be allowed in the Town of Lyons as a permitted accessory use under specific circumstances. The intent of the regulations are to minimize any negative impact on your residential neighbors.
Home Businesses (LMC 16-10)

Liquor Licensing

Anyone wishing to serve alcohol to the general public or to obtain a liquor license for a bar, restaurant or package liquor store can obtain applications at the Town Clerk’s office. New liquor licenses are approved by Board of Trustees and the State of Colorado, and can take up to three months to process.  Special Event liquor permits are issued to non-profit organizations.
For State liquor law, The Town of Lyons recommends that you visit the Colorado Dept of Revenue, Liquor Enforcement Division web site at
Liquor Licensing (LMC 6-2)

Remodeling, Additions, Alterations and Changes to your Business

Building permits require filing an application, submitting a fee, and when appropriate, plans prepared by a licensed architect or engineer. Doing work without a permit can result in prosecution and fines.
Food and liquor establishments may require approvals from Boulder Health Department and the Lyons Fire Marshal. Check with the Building Department for environmental and sustainable building practices.
Hiring an Electrician, Plumber or Contractor?  Call the Building Department, 303-823-6622, to find out if they are licensed to do business in Lyons. Electricians and Plumbers must be currently licensed by the State of Colorado. Contractors must maintain liability insurance to ensure these specialists are qualified to safely perform work in your commercial building.
Contractors Registrations (LMC 6-3)

Contractors License