Community Plans

This plan is a guide for accomplishing the community’s aspirations of becoming an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable community that values and supports education, the arts, recreation and quality of life. The Comprehensive Plan includes the following topics:
  • Culture, History and Education
  • Economic Development and Tourism
  • Environment
  • Housing
  • Land Use and Growth
  • Parks, Trails, and Open Space
  • Town Services and Infrastructure
  • Transportation
Lyons Recovery Action Plan
The Lyons Recovery Action Plan is the result of an intense community planning process that began in mid-December 2013, three months after the flood waters hit Lyons, and was carried out in January-February 2014. Hundreds of citizens engaged in the process, from attending Town Hall meetings to more intense commitments as members of Recovery Working Groups that met weekly to develop and refine objectives and project ideas. The Town of Lyons received technical and facilitation support from the FEMA Community Planning Team, the State's Department of Local Affairs, Natural Capitalism Solutions Inc., and the University of Colorado at Denver.

This plan lays the framework for Lyons to build back stronger and more resilient in the future. It reflects the community's intentions for the Lyons of tomorrow, and it represents the strength and resilience our ability to come together as a community to chart our course to recovery.

LRAP Cover
Meadow Park Phase II is currently under construction, with an anticipated opening of July 1, 2016. 
Meadow Park Phasing Plan
In August 2013, the Town of Lyons hired Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS) - a Hygiene-based non-profit - to support the creation of an Environmental Sustainability Plan specific to Lyons. After the September 2013 flood, the scope of the Lyons Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (LESAP) was expanded to address the town's need for resilient and sustainable solutions in the aftermath of the flood.

After more than a year, NCS, with guidance from a broad stakeholder group, including oversight from the Sustainable Futures Commission, has finalized the LESAP, and on March 2, 2015 the Board of Trustees, approved the resolution to adopt the LESAP.

The BOT also approved the submittable of a Boulder County Sustainability Grant, which would fund an Environmental Sustainability Coordinator position to help administer the Plan.

Parks Flood Recovery Plan
Bohn Park Plan | Lyons Valley River Park Plan | Trails Plan, Park Connectivity, & Recreation Opportunities
With the assistance of DHM Design and S2o Design and Engineering, the Town facilitated completion of the Lyons Parks Flood Recovery Planning Process in November 2015. The Planning Process utilized existing Town planning documents, and incorporated information about proposed improvements, amenities, and facilities that were developed and accepted by the public.
This final Parks Flood Recovery Plan contains plans to restore and enhance Bohn Park, Lyons Valley River Park (McConnell Ponds), and Corridor Trail areas; a comprehensive Trails Plan and other plans for designated park areas and other associated public lands; concepts for potential use of properties acquired through the flood buy-out program; and a plan to operate and maintain Town parks, trails, facilities, and amenities consistent with a related financial analysis.
DHM Lyons Flood Recovery Plan
Goal 1
  • Enhance the flood mitigation potential of the North and South Fork of the St. Vrain River and riparian areas in Lyons.
Goal 2
  • Preserve and improve access to the St. Vrain rivers to provide equal enjoyment by all.
Goal 3
  • Improve opportunities for recreation and ecotourism for both residents and visitors that help drive the Lyons economy.
Goal 4
  • Encourage ecologically responsible restoration and development within the riparian zone.

The St. Vrain Creek Watershed Master Plan plan presents conceptual channel alignments and other strategies to reduce flood risk and restore the creek’s ecological functions. While the majority of the recommended projects in the master plan are unfunded, the plan will be used by agencies and other stakeholders to seek funding to continue recovery from the September 2013 flood.

The development of the St. Vrain Creek Watershed Master Plan was supported in part by the Lyons Watershed Advisory Board, which sunset in 2018. Click here to review the Watershed Advisory Board's previous records and activity. 

st vrain creek

Lyons Primary Planning Area Master Plan

Commencing in March of 2016, the Town of Lyons kicked-off a planning process for the Lyons Primary Planning Area (LPPA) Master Plan. The purpose this process was to develop a plan that would help to inform any future development in any of the areas outside of town limits that are within the boundaries of the Lyons Primary Planning Area. These LPPA boundaries were established by a 2012 Intergovernmental Agreement with Boulder County.
Visit the LPPA Master Plan page for more information.

In 2016, the Town completed Stormwater Master Plan, funded by a CDBG-DR grant from HUD.

This plan updates a previous plan completed in April 1998. In addition to the basic updates of that plan, this plan modernizes the techniques used for runoff determination at various storm events, introduces concepts of updated codes and standards, water quality treatment of runoff, identifies areas at risk for flooding or inundation during various runoff events, identifies large scale capital improvement costs for the major runoff basins, identifies alternatives that could be considered in developed and undeveloped areas of the Town and adjacent unincorporated areas of Boulder County, and other important elements of a storm water master plan. 

2016 Lyons Stormwater Master Plan >>

1998 Lyons Drainage Master Plan >>