Lyons Whitewater Park

Largely funded by Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) in 2001 and winner of a 2003 Colorado Lottery Starburst Award for excellence in the use of lottery proceeds, this facility is another example of Lyons tremendous collaborative community spirit. The Lyons Whitewater Park in Meadow Park is a quarter mile eight feature series of beginner to intermediate drop structures that kayakers, tubers and fishermen alike will thoroughly enjoy. Starting near the "swimming hole", the Lyons Whitewater Park bends around the west end of Meadow park making it an easy walk for kayakers and tubers from the last take out back to the start. A summertime favorite!

Black Bear Hole

Just off Highway 36/66 and across from the Black Bear Inn you will find two word class kayaking play holes that are home to Lyons Outdoor Games and avid kayakers around the country. This roadside oasis is an excellent spot to take a break and picnic with your family while enjoying the beautiful St. Vrain River and all that it has to offer. A frequent stop for fishermen and tubers as well, this spot has it all. The first feature has been dubbed the Black Bear Hole and is considered to be a beginner to intermediate spot. Approximately thirty yards downstream is the second hole, named the A-hole. This feature is more advanced and often sees kayakers from around the state and country travel to pull tricks like the Air Loop, Phonics Monkey, Space Godzilla, McNasty, and Flip Flop. A must visit on your trip to Lyons!

October Hole

Further downstream is the latest addition to be built, the October hole. It is the only kayaking feature along the front range that runs into the month of October. Located off of Highway 36/66 near the "Welcome to Lyons" sign, this feature offers easy access to the St. Vrain including stadium type seating established with large boulders along the banks, similar to the other features above. A great place to enjoy the St. Vrain for the day with family and friends.