South St. Vrain Creek Restoration Reach 4b, Site 3

SSV4b-3 Site Plan

SSV4b-3 Site Area

July 28, 2017
Preliminary steps for the South St. Vrain Creek Restoration Project, Reach 4b, Site 3 (SSV4b-3 or SSV3) are underway. Upon receiving final permits, hard construction will begin. Like previous stream restoration work, this project will improve stream health and increase flood resiliency, resulting in lowered risk to adjacent properties.

While the final outcomes are vast improvements to the creek and adjacent properties, the construction process unavoidably increases turbidity in the channel for the short duration of construction, meaning we will create “muddy water”. Or in other words, it looks worse before it gets better. 

The construction contractor, Naranjo Civil Constructors, is a leader in reducing temporary impacts during river work. The team has employed continuous video recording along the reach of the project, to be used for real-time observance and time-lapse progress footage, among other applications.