Board of Trustees Surveys & Outreach

Board of Trustees Survey to Provide Guidance on Affordable Housing Results
July 2016

Thank you, to everyone who participated in the recent Affordable Housing Survey. The Board of Trustees
 reviewed the results at their regular meeting on July 18, 2016. 
A brief preview of the results are provided below. Complete results can be found in the July 18, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting Packet, or at the following:

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How important is it for affordable housing to be available in Lyons?

65% said affordable housing is either “Essential” or “Very Important”
Important Aff HousingGraph

Top objectives for affordable housing (combining top box scores of Essential and Very Important).

64.2% Maintain Diversity
63.1% Allow residents displaced by the flood to return
63.1% Allow local employees to live in town
60.9% Provide housing for seniors
Top Objective Q2
Aff Housing Objectives Graph

Should the Town purchase and annex property in the Eastern Corridor for the purpose of supporting affordable housing and economic development?
(Town owned property does not require a vote.)

74.6% Yes
22.7% No
Should Town Annex