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Lyons Spring Clean Weekend: Saturday, June 6 & Sunday, June 7
The Lyons Sustainable Futures Commission is sponsoring the Lyons Spring Clean Weekend: a community-wide garage sale on Saturday, June 6, and the annual cleanup day at Bohn Park the following Sunday, June 7.

Community-Wide Garage Sale
Saturday, June 6 beginning at 8am

Residents, clubs, churches, and groups host garage sales around town, beginning at 8 a.m. on Saturday, June 6. For those outside Town limits, or who would prefer not to host a sale at their residence, space is available at Sandstone Park - please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view reserve space, free of charge.

*If you intend to host a garage sale, please mark the location it will be held here: (click 'Edit' on right side of page, mark the location, add descriptive text  (can be name, neighborhood, etc.), save the tag, then save the Image).

Annual Cleanup Day
Sunday, June 7, 8am-1pm at Bohn Park

The following Sunday, June 7, the Lyons area cleanup day will take place in Bohn Park on 2nd Avenue, from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Lyons utility bills are not necessary to participate - area residents are welcome to bring items for recycling, donation, and disposal. Click HERE for price sheet

Acceptable Items
Recyclable items accepted by Eco-Cycle’s CHARM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials) include electronics, appliances, white block #6 styrofoam, durable plastics (such as lawn furniture, buckets, trash cans, barrels), clothing, books, bicycle tires and tubes, porcelain toilets and sinks, plastic bags, printer cartridges, and scrap metal. Yard waste, E-waste, mattresses, upholstered furniture, tires, and lightly used household items and clothes will also be accepted; hazardous waste will not be accepted. All “normal” recycling, such as paper, metal, glass, cardboard, etc. should be taken to the recycle bins on Railroad Avenue.
Refer to for complete information, including details on acceptable items and price sheets.

The goal of the two-day event is to provide the opportunity to sell or share items on Saturday, extending the life of useful items. On Sunday, the SFC hopes to further reduce landfill items by providing responsible recycling and/or donation of usable items. Please join us in these reducing, reusing, and recycling efforts, as we strive toward a more sustainable Lyons!

Public Works Notices

Jetting Sewer Lines
Over the next few weeks, the Public Works Department will be jetting (cleaning) the sewer lines on the north side of Town. PW does not anticipate any problems for residents during this time; however, if complications arise, please call Public Works at 303-823-6622 x 15.

Flushing Town's Water System
The Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Lyons Fire Protection District, will be periodically flushing the Town's water system from May to October in 2015. This will cause some pressure fluctuation in the waterlines throughout town. In the past, some homeowners and businesses have experienced some damage to their property because the water heater was not installed properly. Please take a moment to make sure the pressure relief valve has a pipe hose draining into a floor drain. The Town of Lyons will not be liable for any damages caused to property because of this issue.
A pressure relief valve is different from a pressure reducing valve, though both are recommended for stable water pressure in your home or business. Pressure Relief Valves continuously vent devices at a set pressure; Pressure Reducing Valves reduce pressure from the water supply main, to ensure constant flow of water when the main pressure fluctuates.
For more information on Pressure Relief and Reducing Valves, including the Town rebate for reducing valves, visit, or call 303-823-6622 x 15.

Below is an awesome video put together by Honeywell. Honeywell has been an invaluable resource in rebuilding Lyons, and the Town is so grateful. Have you seen the new Town Hall Plaza lately? If not, stop by and check it out!