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To leave a message for a member of a Board or Commission, email Mayor Sullivan.


To Apply for an Advisory Board or Commission position please fill out an Application.

Open Seats

updated 6/2017
Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission - 1 vacancy
Economic Development Commission - 1 vacancy
Historic Preservation Commission - 1 vacancy
  1. Arts & Humanities Commission

    Find a list of the Arts and Humanities Commission members and the meeting agendas and minutes.

  2. Board of Adjustments

    Look through a list of Board of Adjustment members,

  3. Board of Trustees

    Check out the Board of Trustees agendas and minutes and member list.

  4. Ecology Advisory Board

    Review our board members and the meeting agendas and minutes.

  5. Economic Development Commission

    Look through the agendas and minutes from the Economic Development Commission meetings and see a list of the commission members.

  6. Historic Preservation Commission

    View the list of Historic Preservation Commission members.

  7. Human Services & Aging Commission

    Check out the list of Human Services and Aging Commission members and their meeting minutes.

  8. Library District Board

    Review the latest on the Library Advisory Board.

  9. Parks & Recreation Commission

    Search through a list of Parks and Recreation Commission members.

  10. Planning & Community Development Commission (PCDC)

    View the Planning and Community Development Commission members list and find the Commercial and Mixed Use Design Standards.

  11. Special Housing Committee

    Browse through the Special Housing Committee agendas and minutes and a list of their members.

  12. Sustainable Futures Commission

    The purpose of the Sustainable Future Commission is to advise the Board of Trustees on matters relating to sustainable practices and policy and to support and improve the environmental stewardship of the Town and its citizens.

  13. Utilities & Engineering Board

    Look through the Utilities and Engineering Board agendas and minutes and the members list.

  14. Watershed Advisory Board

    Peruse the Watershed Advisory Board members list.

  15. BOT Surveys & Outreach

    This page hosts active and final results from surveys and outreach administered by the Board of Trustees.